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Play Age of Discovery online: Check out our slot review below´s Age of Discovery Slots has 25 pay lines, more than most other slot game. As the name suggests, the slot is themed against a backdrop of historic discoveries in the olden times. The graphics features the age of treasure hunts complete with maps and other discovery excitement. You will feel the pulse of uncovering hidden treasures, finding gold coins and other priceless loots that will make your slot gaming experience more thrilling.

As in many of our slot machines there are several symbols that you should watch out for. In Age of Discovery Slots, your treasures will be unlocked by the picture of a Golden Coin appearing on your screen. This Golden Coin is your wild icon which means that you can exchange your characters on your reels to help you win. It can also help you bag about sixty thousand coins in all.

Another symbol to look for is the Compass, which means that you will soon get to play the bonus game once you spot three of this. The bonus game is like a map of Xs wherein you get to uncover hidden treasures beneath the X marks. In this round, you can earn over 30,000 coins!

The last symbol to look for is the Sea Snake which will multiply your winnings instantly to give you more prizes, you only need to get two of them to make it happen. This is the scatter icon in the game.

The Age of Discovery Slots is not only an exciting game from that provides you with all the thrills of going on a treasure hunt, but it will also give you treasures untold just by playing.