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Are you ready for an adventure in a landscape where the temperature is so cold that even Chuck Norris would be shivering? Take a journey to the vast and icy North Pole where Eskimos and Arctic Bears reside. Spin the wheels under the Northern Lights, but don’t relax too much! Pay attention to the game screen where Teasers and Anticipation will alert you of the big wins from Arctic Bear.

But first let’s tell the story about a young Eskimo called Yimbo, he was so tall that he couldn’t even ride a dog sled. The wind would catch him and he’d just fall down on the ground, which is why he walked everywhere instead. He once got stuck with his snowshoe in the ice and had to stay outside all day screaming his lungs out for help. None came except for when a polar bear momma with her cubs suddenly appeared, running straight at him. It was dark outside and Yimbo could see the Northern Lights shining down on him which gave him the strength to escape from the icy foothold he had grown accustomed to for the entirety of the day. Yimbo could now stand up properly, which he did, and towered twice the size of the polar bear momma when she was standing on two feet.  This frightened the poor bear with her cubs and they turned the other direction instead. Yimbo took two giant steps and mounted the poor polar bear, claiming her as his trusted steed. Jimmy and the polar bear, whom he chose to call Empty, could never be separated and he lived his days riding his trusted bear steed instead of using the dog sleds like everyone else. He finally didn’t have to walk everywhere and the two of them became the best of friends. 

Have that in mind when playing this visually beautiful game, the polar bear called Empty is seen to the right and the biggest one of her cubs to the left. Both staring up in the sky where the Northern Lights shine bright. You can also find bears along with Eskimos and other icons with cool looks.

There are many different ways to get bonus spins and big wins when playing this amazing video slot. If the wheels stop and three Arctic Bear symbols are showing you can earn up to 30 freespins. Reels four and five will shine brightly as the Northern Lights if the spin is going your way, which is Arctic Bear’s way of telling you that a BIG arctic win is on its way to your account balance. And finally, this video slot does of course have Wild- and Scatter-symbols. It’s hard to miss them since the Scatter-symbol says SCATTER and has a roaring bear on it. The Wild-symbol has the form of a bear paw and on it is the word WILD. Arctic Bear will alert you when the Wild- or Scatter-symbols hits on reels one, two, or three so when the time comes – brace yourself for the taste of Cold Hard Cash!