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Play High Limit European Blackjack online: Check out our review below

High Limit European Blackjack is the blackjack game at giving high roller player the chance to bet for the big bucks.

You play High Limit European Blackjack with two standard decks of playing cards. Before each round is started, the decks are shuffled. The objective is to beat the dealer’s hand, without going bust. There are two ways of beating the dealer, either the dealer's hand goes bust (dealers hand value exceeds 21), or you get a higher value hand than the dealer, without you going bust. In each round of High Limit European Blackjack at, you bet on one hand.

A blackjack is a hand with one card holding the value 10 (Kings, Queens, Jacks, 10:s) and one Ace. A blackjack can never be beaten, but you can be matched if the dealer also hits the blackjack. When you win with blackjack you are paid 3:2. This means that a £100 bet pays you back £250, a £150 profit. You probably knew that already, the rules are the same no matter if you play on or anywhere else.

If the dealer receives an ace as a first card, you can protect your self against the dealer hitting the blackjack. That’s called insurance, and the amount for the insurance is half the main bet. If the dealer hits the blackjack, you are paid back 2:1. As an example, your original bet is £100, the dealer receives an ace, the price for the insurance is £50, and the dealer hits the blackjack. You will then loose the first £100 bet, but you will be paid £150 from the insurance. If the dealer hits anything else but blackjack the insurance is lost, and if the dealer would win against your hand without hitting the blackjack, you would also loose the main bet.

In High Limit European Blackjack you can split the cards if you have two cards with the same denomination, for instance two kings or two nines. When you split the cards you are allowed to take one extra card. The best split opportunity is when the dealer has a 6 or a 5 as first card, since the dealer has a high risk of going bust when dealt these two cards.