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Play European Blackjack Redeal Gold online: Check out our review below

European Blackjack Redeal Gold puts a spin on the traditional European Blackjack game by adding the advantage of a redeal component. This extra and new feature allows all players to redeal their own cards, the Dealer cards or their last card. Players can re-deal up to five times for a small cost, with some combinations being redealt with no cost at all.
Although, there is a small fee on certain redeals, blackjack players have more chances to better their odds of winning.

The all new European Blackjack Redeal Gold is played with 2 decks per game and includes Double Down and split options, with the Dealer stand on all 17. Another excellent twist to the table game is that players can also use a wide variety of chip sizes, as well as mixed and unlimited chip stacks. The dynamic is further heightened with a new redefined table perspective which allows the action to run at a smooth and fast pace for even more enjoyment.

With the new redeal players will have to get use to playing with some new rules however as the game does not include Insurance, Peeking, Surrender, or Hole Card options. In a few words, the series takes blackjack gambling online to a whole new level in terms of smooth and fast play, player interactive controls are clear and well positioned.

European Blackjack Redeal Gold is an awesome addition to the upmarket selection of online table games especially with the professionally crafted graphics as well as the high quality digital sound effects, and is definitely one game that delivers top quality in ambiance as well as performance.

The professionally crafted graphics are paired with precise, high quality digital sound effects to enhance European Blackjack lovers’ appreciation of the game.