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Play Gemstones online: Check out our slot review below

We at proudly introduce to you to a brand new, modernized old school slot. Gem Stones is warmly welcome to be a part of our big video slot family. This is a game perfect for the ones who loves the classic one armed bandits. This is a colour sparkling creation, where the game developer has put great effort in bringing you back to the genuine feeling, of playing at the typical land based slot machines with the traditional theme and sounds.

This video slot is all about going for a treasure hunt, finding the world famous gem stones. Such as the green emerald, the blue sapphire, the red ruby gem, the purple gem and of course the beautiful original diamond. You will also recognize the number seven in different colours as well. This slot is extra fun and exciting since it provides you with a “both way machine”. This means that you can be paid both from left to right and from right to left. Therefore you will double your chances to win in Gem Stones. When you hit three or more scattered green emeralds you can win from 5 up to 25 free spins if you hit five green emeralds! The diamond is the wild symbol in this video slot and replaces any symbol along the reels except the scatter.

The best way to describe the mood and attributes this game delivers, is happiness and relaxation as well as excitement and expectations. Since here you will win pretty often and it is pretty easy to get into the free spins rounds.  Especially intriguing it is as you have double chances of winning, due to it’s opportunity to pay from both left to right, at the same time.  The graphics and audio has been made simple but modernized to not destroy the old school feeling. Thumbs up on that!

It is simple to navigate and easy to play. Everything is clear and you will find the paytable on your lower left corner. You can make auto spins and you can choose for yourself which payline of the total 15 you want to place your bet on. You can bet from as low as € 0.75 and all the way up to € 30 which of course makes it obvious that this games is perfectly suitable for both a player with a thinner wallet as one with a thicker.

Gem Stones is a great classic one armed bandit made by the game developer Multislot and I got to say that they delivers the best of quality in their games, and not least this one. We humbly bow our heads humbly and respectful for this simple masterpiece.

I have to say that after playing a lot of similar slots this one is brought to my list of favourites of classic modernized one armed bandits. I really do like that you get in to the free spins rounds pretty easy and actually that you also can get additional free spins during the feature if you hit another three green emeralds or more.

Good luck!