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Play Hot as Hades online: Check out our slot review below

Are you ready for a deflagrated and exciting adventure in a world between the living and the dead? If the answer is yes and you feel that you have what it takes, Hot as Hades, is as raised from the ashes just for you!

The antic Greece has always been connected with myths and legends about gods and goddesses, maybe you have heard the story about Hades? Hades was the most powerful master of the underworld. Together with his three headed dog, Cerberus, he is guarding the border line between the living and the dead world. It says that Hades was a cold and strict and that he did not show mercy for anyone. In that way he managed to keep the living creatures in their world and prevent the dead souls to leave the underworld. It has also been told that Hades at moments was wearing a very special helmet that made him invisible. Maybe he wore it because he wanted to be able to see who tried to pass the borders or so he could walk around as he please. In this, cool and lurid video slot you get the chance to join Hades and Cerberus on the hunt of the hidden helmet.

The creator behind this successful video slot is the highly appreciated game provider, Microgaming! Microgaming created the very first online casino in 1994. The development in this business has progressed quickly and with all of Microgaming´s experience, there is no surprise that there latest release is something beyond the usual. Hot as Hades has 5 wheel, 3 rows and you can have as many as 20 active paylines active for each bet. Keep in mind that the more paylines that you have activated, the higher is the chance that you will find the hidden helmet and all of the winnings that comes with it.

Hades may be quick and flexible in his search for the helmet. But there are other gods that makes everything they can to prevent this from happening. The goddess Medusa, the lady with long snakes as hair and eyes that you have to avoid to any price are one of the gods that you do not want to run in to. Medusa has during the years turned a lot of brave men into stone with her sight. Even if she has an unattractive face, her eyes are really seductive and if you look straight into them, she will bewitch you intro stone and as a statue you will not get anywhere on the way to your winnings. You also meet Hades own brothers Zeus, the god of heaven, and Poseidon, the god over the seas. They will together with Medusa try to stop you on your way but they will also offer you bonus rounds where you can a lot of valuable winnings.

We at warmly recommend this game if you feel that you are ready for a new adventure that you will never forget. Hades and Cerberus will guide you on their way behind these two worlds so you can collect all of the winnings you can find there. We are convinced that you will appreciate Hot as Hades just as much as we do! We wish you the best of luck!