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The video slot Loaded is a hugely entertaining 5 reel, multiple coin game with some brand new twists that has not been seen before. For example, the Free Spin feature has a choice element through which players can select the number of free spins from options of 12 free spins with 4x winnings, 16 free spins with 3x winnings or 24 free spins with 2x winnings.

The game has an amazing 25 possible paylines, so you can hit some huge combinations if you bet on all the lines at once. Yet another slot at that hits often and creates great action for you as a player.

The slot Loaded has wildcard symbols, scatter signs and plenty of free spin and gamble opportunities that can increase a jackpot of 35,000 to as high as 140,000, with plenty of fun and excitement on the way there.

You can even trigger a bonus within a bonus which can result in some MAJOR winnings. The hip hop theme is captured in bright, flashy graphics with luxury yachts, bling bling galore, stretch limos, foxy babes and cool dudes - look out especially for the top rapper Triple 7 who triggers the wild symbol that can triple your wins. The Gamble feature on this game can make a major difference to winnings, which can double or even quadruple your prize. In short, yet another great slot offer at