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Lucky Valentine

Lucky Valentine Introduction

Valentines – the romantic and love bursting holiday is the inspiration behind this game, and it is obvious to see. Wherever you look, you can see teddies, desserts, gifts, and hearts in loads – all in shining colours, great graphics, and vivid animations. We present, Lucky valentine from Red Tiger. 

This time, we will find out more about Lucky Valentine! 

Lucky Valentine main game

A sweet and romantic game, inspired by love and all that comes with it – specialized on the day where this is shown a bit extra, Valentine´s Day. The game is set in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris, and you can see this in the backdrop of the game. The Eiffel Tower is standing tall, the skies are blue, and its green everywhere you look – just how it should be. 

The symbols you can come across on the reels are all made to suit the theme of the game, with a love-twist to all. The lower valued symbols are the classic card deck symbols, ranging from 10 to Ace. These are all worth between 20 and 80 coins. The higher valued symbols are the ice cream dessert with two straws, the matching dating-app people, the love-struck teddy bear with an arrow in it, the golden pot with champagne, and the Lucky Valentine´s love letter. This is the top player of the standard symbols, with a worth of 320 coins for a symbol combination of 5x. 

Apart from these, you also have a few extra special symbols that can grant you some extra lovin´. The Wild Symbol is the big red and gold gift, with a fluffy handcuff glimpsing out. The Mega Wild is the proposal diamond ring, the heart is the Free Spins Symbol, and the Eiffel Tower is the Bonus Symbol. As you can see, there are quite a few extras in the game, and we will reveal more of what you can win from these shortly. 

Lucky Valentine theme, graphics, and music 

Valentine´s Day is a traditional holiday that has been celebrated for ages. 14th of February is the day where lovers express their love for each other by giving away presents, confectionary, chocolates, and giving the ultimate romantic day. It is said that birds propose and marry each other on that day. But the ancient myth states that in Europe, a so-called St Valentine´s Key is given to lovers as a romantic symbol, this to unlock their hearts – and they are given to children in order to prevent bad things. 

You can see signs of all this in the game, the reel set is made as an ice cream kiosk, and the sides of it has a little blue box with a keyhole. Maybe this is the Valentine´s Key – who knows!

The designs and graphics are very well-made, and you can see Paris in the backdrop, with vivid details and soothing pastel colours. The game screams love, and wherever you look, you are reminded of this. 

Lucky Valentine payout

Lucky Valentine Video Slot offers 5 reels on 3 rows, with additional 20 paylines. 

Lucky Valentine bonus game

Lucky Valentine Video Slot offers a rewarding Bonus when landing on three of the Eiffel Tower Symbols. This then takes you to the Tower Bonus, which is played by the Eiffel Tower itself. The main goal here is to get as high up on the tow as possible while collecting Multipliers on the way. 

You can win up to a staggering 800x your bet in the Tower Bonus.

Lucky Valentine free spins 

Three of the “Feb 14” hearts are the triggering force for the Free Spins Feature of the game. When this happens, the three hearts become your picks to reveal how many you win.  

Lucky Valentine special features

Cupid´s Reels

Cupid, of course, plays part in this game – and a most rewarding part. At any random time, Cupid can use his forces to send a blazing tornado onto the reels. This tornado picks up symbols, and in the symbol tornado, only the top valued symbols are left on the reels in the aftermath, to grant you high wins. 

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol is the gift with the handcuffs, and this is a rewarding symbol that can grant you a win of 400 coins – as well as substituting for other symbols in the game. 

Mega Wild

The Mega Wild is the proposal diamond ring in a box, and this can cover multiple symbol boxes, 3x3 spaces to be specific. The Mega Wild has the ability to grant you mega wins. 

Love Bomb

Once again, Cupid is on a go. In the Love Bomb Feature, he flies in to shoot his arrows to make Wilds rain down on the reels from above. This can create some extra big wins for you. 

Love Multiplier;

You can see a Multiplier machine next to the reels, and this is made for you – and for Cupid. When he desires to, he can activate the Love Multiplier machine to boost your wins greatly. Here, you can win up to 20x the bet. 

The features above are Cupids way to show his love, and he can step in at any given time to grant you these Cupid´s Gifts.

Lucky Valentines is a rewarding game offering a lot of Features and extras – meaning that you will surely feel loved. 

Enjoy the best Valentines you´ve had so far!

About Red Tiger Gaming

Red Tiger Gaming is a company founded in 2014 – making it one of the youngest and freshest game developers in the industry today. It is a company founded by a group of veterans with a vast experience in the business, all with proven and long track records of casino development both in Europe and Asia. Red Tiger Gaming has built their team very cleverly, with mathematics, psychologists, graphic designers, software developers, account managers, and so much more. A team full of talent and willingness to put in that extra work to be able to bring incredible games for players and operators across the world. 

They offer all their games in hi-end 2D and 3D graphics on all devices, and they offer games with timeless and beautiful designs. The themes always vary to suit all kinds of players – to keep them drawn in. 

Some of the games created and developed by Red Tiger Gaming are Persian FortuneWild Wild ChestGolden LotusAncient ScriptDragons LuckTemple of Gold, and Lucky Halloween. If you are into interesting themes, incredibly clear and bright graphics, and rewarding features, then you should check out these games right away!

Good luck!