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Throw yourself into pure madness with Machine-Gun Unicorn slot game that contains crazy zombie killing, bloodthirsty unicorns and BIG WINS! You just have to try out this new game since we can guarantee that you have never seen anything in the Casino world like this before. This creepy but fantastic game is created by Genesis Gaming, these geniuses have provided with amazing games for a long time now and we wish that the magic never ends. Genesis Gaming is known to have great creativity, this game is absolutely not an exception.

As mentioned earlier this game is total madness and pretty disturbing as well, but lots and lots of fun! The symbols in this game is more creative and thoughtful than in most other games. All symbols have their own animations that is unbelievably entertaining. The symbols is based on the unicorns and the zombies. You will meet the red unicorn with a blood stained baseball bat, when you land a winning combination with this symbol you will see blood splatter as he smashes his bat. The yellow unicorn has a sharp hatchet and will not go gentle on the zombies! The unicorns also has a friend who is a dragon, he makes a barbeque party of the zombie invasion. The last creature in this gang is the purple unicorn who has a sick animation, he farts out rainbows and stars, and you will laugh when you see this! 

We’ve introduced some symbols, the feel of the game, and other fluff so I think it’s time to talk about what the game is based on. You might think it has something to do with My Little Pony, but that is certainly not the case. Let’s start with the blue dragon Laurora. She was minding her own business in her cottage cheese cottage located in the marmalade forest between the make-believe trees. Laurora had set fire to a barn by accident so she was chased by villagers into a dark and cold cave in the outskirts of town. Coincidentally, this cave was also quite close to Unicornland where all the unicorns live. It was so dark and wet in the cave that Laurora started crying. All of a sudden, she felt something cold touching her tail mid-cry and flicked it away. Turns out that it was a nasty zombie! 

Laurora got mad and flew out of the cave towards Unicornland where she noticed everything and everyone was swarmed by zombies. She flew to a couple of unicorns trying to fight away a horde of zombies coming their way. Laurora landed in front of the zombies and burnt them all to a crisp with her mighty dragon fire. The unicorns and Laurora quickly bonded in their quest to rid Unicornland from zombies. The unicorn/dragon alliance were starting to have a rough time against the vast amounts of the living dead, one after another the unicorns lost their brave lives and all of them would have perished if it wasn’t for Laurora’s magical fire breath. She cleared throngs of zombies until her ability to breathe fire suddenly disappeared, which meant that the zombies could now hunt them down one slow shuffle at the time. The poor unicorns and Laurora were eventually chased and stranded on a big mountain followed by every zombie in Unicornland. Laurora had three zombies on her tail, one on each hand, and five were climbing up her feet. But out of nowhere, to the tunes of Erasure’s song “Always”, came everyone’s saviour – Pottepow the Machine Gun Unicorn! The sound rung in everyone’s heads as limbs, innards, and brains splattered everywhere until there were no zombies left after his gory machine gun spree. Everyone was so happy about the riddance of zombies that they had a big feast. Entertainment at said feast was something this video slot is based on, a frightening game where everyone would try to smash jars with zombie heads with the help of a pea shooter. Pottepow the Machine Gun Unicorn would appear once in a while to use his forehead gun and blast the jars to oblivion.

In order to witness this crazy acts you simply have to click on the big picture above this text and you will be taken to the game straight away. We on wishes you all the best of luck!