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Nile Liner Introduction

Get ready to “spin like an Egyptian” in Nile Liner, an innovative slot by Merkur Gaming that combines traditional reel spinning with an integrated mini-game for a chance to win a treasure worthy of the mightiest Pharaoh. The Ancient Egyptians were a civilisation known for their learning and technological prowess; the pyramids were their crowning achievement, which have stood as a reminder of their greatness for thousands of years.  

Nile Liner can be played for as little as € 0.1 and offers lucky players a maximum win of 32,000 credits per game, which can be boosted several times over with multipliers that can be unlocked by playing the mini-game. The game has a low-to-medium level of variance.

Nile Liner Game Features

Nile Liner uses an unusual gaming system called DynaLines, which gives players chance to connect together win lines that carry different multiplier values. Any connection from an active start pipe to any tail pipe automatically pays out 10 credits. Picture-symbols count as any connection downwards and count as multiplier as well.

Nile Liner Free Spins and Bonuses

Nile Liner doesn’t offer players traditional bonus features or free spins. This will come as a disappointment to many users, especially if they’re used to these bonuses in other video slots by popular brands.  

Due to the peculiar gameplay of Nile Liner and the fact that it pays out relatively more often than conventional slots, the players have to make do with a game where the main gameplay and the bonus feature are one and the same. Luckily, the abundance of multipliers can make the time they spend on this game more than worth it.

Nile Liner Payouts

Since the game plays differently than most other slots, the picture-symbols represented on the “reels” do not directly correspond to monetary values but to different multiplier levels that are applied to the wager.  The multiplier value of each symbol is: 

  • Ankh symbol: x2 times the initial wager
  • Falcon symbol: x3 times
  • Scarab symbol: x4 times
  • Jackal head symbol: x5 times
  • Female Pharaoh symbol: x10 times

Nile Liner Graphics and Sound

Everything about Nile Liner’s look and sound screams old-timey slot machine: there’s nothing subtle about the way this slot plays and for players who appreciate an authentic casino atmosphere, whether they experienced a land venue or like the idea of one, it delivers that feeling in spades.  

The loud ringing of bells marks the end of every spin and the game features a groovy soundtrack that is inspired by the sweeping deserts of Egypt. Nile Liner has bright, vivid graphics with a scene straight out of a tourist postcard. Pyramids, obelisks, temple ruins, palm trees and camels dot the background of the reels as day slowly turns to night during the course of the game. A flash of lightning strikes during important occasions, giving the game a mystical and awe-inspiring feel.

Nile Liner Conclusion

Nile Liner is an unconventional slot game in many ways. Its unique gameplay and bonus system put it in a category apart, and players who never played a similar video slot before should expect somewhat of a culture shock if they’re used to playing traditional games. At first glance, the game may appear as undecipherable as Egyptian hieroglyphics, but it will quickly give up its mysteries to players who are willing to put in the effort. There are plenty of surprises awaiting you inside the pyramid and if you make the right connections the top prize could be yours.

About the Provider

Merkur Gaming is a part of the German Gauselmann Group – the largest gaming company in Germany with 8000 employees. They have more than 50 years of experience in the gaming industry and live by the cornerstones – Tradition – Passion – Innovation. They have made a name for themselves through land-based gaming products such as slot designed cabinets, games and progressive Jackpot systems that are integrated worldwide. 

The company was founded in 1957 by Paul Gauselmann. The company has branch offices across the globe, but the head office is still in Germany, in the city of Lubeck. Merkur Gaming has a sun as its logo. It is world known to symbolize experience, innovation, quality and entertainment. Their games are ISO 9001:2008 certified and has the classic stamp “Made in Germany”, in which to demonstrate that they deliver the quality that lasts. 

Their games are designed to suit all types of players, and they are packed with the latest technology, modern graphics and rewarding features. This is to ensure that you, as a player, get the best gaming experience. Merkur Gaming always offers games that are extremely good, with full HD graphics, cool concept, bonuses, free spins and a wide variety of features. We are sure that you will like their games as much as we do, so make sure you give them a try!