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Peas Fairy

Peas Fairy Introduction

Peas Fairy from PG SOFT, is a refreshing and unique fairy tale themed slot with an adorable fairy which is with you the entire way. The reels are unusual but in the best way possible, they are hanging pea pods from a vine somewhere deep within an enchanted forest. There are five reels (pea pods) and three rows with 243 different ways to win in this endearing slot. You can expect a wonderful blend of playing features such as a wild butterfly, trapped butterfly, free spins and gamble events which will bring unlimited surprises! There’s a lot to smile about when it comes to this slot; it’s visually appealing, fun to play and has a ton of unique features for you to benefit from.   

Peas Fairy Game Features

Bets in Peas Fairy range from a minimum bet of £ 0.3 per spin to a maximum bet of £ 6 per spin.    

The wild symbol says the word wild on it in bright, yellow letters and it can substitute for all symbols except for the bonus symbol. The bonus symbol is a beautiful pink flower with the word bonus on it at the very bottom. Aside from these two special symbols, there are various pea shaped symbols such as a yellow queen one, a red one with a bow at the top of her head, a purple suave one, a sleepy blue one and four peas which represent the Ace, King, Queen and Jack playing cards. 

Peas Fairy Free Spins and bonuses

During any spin except for the trapped butterfly feature and the first-round gamble feature, the bonus symbol can appear on the reels and will then be collected by the cute fairy. If three of the bonus symbols are collected by the end of the spin, the free spin feature will award you with eight free spins and five unopened flowers in every spin!  

During each free spin, every round with a win will open one flower. At the end of the free spin, wins for that spin will be multiplied by 2x for every opened flower. The maximum number of flowers that can be opened in every free spin is five and if a bonus symbol appears during the free spins, then two free spins will be awarded.  

Wild Butterfly Feature 

During any spin except for the trapped butterfly feature and the first round gamble feature, the Wild Butterfly might appear on top of a symbol and transform that symbol into a wild symbol, or may appear above the reels and will fly down, landing on top of a randomly chosen symbol in the reels to transform that symbol into a wild symbol.  

Trapped Butterfly Feature 

During the start of any spin, the Wild Butterfly may appear trapped in a spider web above the reels and so then the fairy will remove the spider web. When the spider web is fully removed, the Wild Butterfly will be freed, and two wild symbols will be added on one of the rounds.  

First Round Gamble Feature 

During the start of any spin, a spider will appear on the first and second reel covered in a spider web. You’ll need to either collect or you will need to open the web-covered reels to reveal the reels. If the revealed reels lead to a win, then they will resume to shifting after all wins are paid. However, if the revealed reels don’t lead to a win, the feature will come to an end.  

Last Round Gamble Feature 

During the end of any spin with wins, a spider may appear, and you’ll be prompted to either gamble or collect. If you choose to collect then the feature will end but, if you choose to gamble then you’ll see that two reels will be covered in spider webs where you’ll need to select one of the two reels. Depending on the reel that you choose, it will either reveal a 2x win or no win. 

Peas Fairy Payouts

The highest paying symbol is the yellow pea which is wearing a gold crown and has some drool coming out of its mouth. The second highest paying symbol is the red pea with a red bow tie on the top of her head. The purple, suave pea giving a big smooch is the third highest paying symbol while the sleepy blue pea is the mid-range paying symbol. The Ace and the King are the highest-lowest paying symbols while the Queen and the Jack are the lowest paying symbols in Peas Fairy.

Peas Fairy Graphics and Sound

The music in Peas Fairy is so soothing and calming consisting of animal sounds and the sound of the waves crashing softly. The colour scheme of this slot is extremely green and bright; you’ll see a blurred close-up of the green vines and flowers. Where the reels are, you will see a charming, small fairy with short orange hair flying and smiling at you. The reels themselves are hanging peas with the symbols hanging in them. The ambience of this slot gives you positive energy and makes you feel relaxed as you spin the reels. When you spin the reels, something unique happens, the fairy will fly to a separate branch where there is a new set of peas (reels) and symbols. The unique graphics and animations of this slot are something out of the ordinary and makes you feel as if you are in a real fairy-tale. 

Peas Fairy Conclusion

Peas Fairy from PG SOFT is a one-of-a-kind slot with a unique layout, various features and an overall unforgettable experience. The game is full of action with the tons of features to benefit from which engage you throughout, as do the animations and graphics, you really get lost in it all because it’s beautifully designed and so different from other slots that are existing within the industry.  

Give this slot a try, we promise you won’t be disappointed!  

About the Provider

“Difference makes the difference” – that’s the clever motto of this young provider, PG SOFT. They are a mobile game development company based in Valletta, Malta. For a company that joined the iGaming industry in 2015, they’ve grown to an impressive size of 200 employees, expanding beyond the island of Malta as well. Now, they have offices in Europe, North America, and Asia. Albeit being a new name on the iGaming scene, PG SOFT is quickly making a name for themselves with their impressive mobile slots. 

With a motto like, “difference makes the difference”, they really take the element of ‘difference’ seriously. PG SOFT’s games are truly different not just in themes and gameplay, but in every other aspect of the game as well, with ideas that are completely out-of-the-box!

Hotpot is the best example that proves this big claim. Hotpot takes place literally inside a hotpot, a boiling soup full of spices and ingredients which are also the ‘reels’. Other crazy themes include adorable plushies, legends and myths, anime, and much more. 

Besides awesome ideas that will stun you with their originality, the graphics will also blow you away. Above the reels, most slots will have a video screen showing animations related to the game. They’ll take any idea and turn into a brilliantly executed game that any player will love.

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