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Play Plunder The Sea online: Check out our review below

At we are proud to offer this popular scratch card game Plunder the sea. Plunder the sea is very easy to learn and the design and graphics will let you relax and get excited at the same time. When waiting to get the three matches and for the high prize to be revealed in the pirates coffin you will feel the excitement in hitting the high winnings.

You will find several bonus features that you will want to hit. The winnings go from £2 all the way up to the jackpot which is £20000! Just click the New Card button and reveal the symbols to match three of a kind to win. When you have a match, make sure you open the coffin to win the given amount. Hit the top match and the jackpot is yours.

On your way through the Plunder the sea you just want to go for the multipliers. It is as simple as that! Good luck playing this entertaining scratch card game at, Plunder the sea.