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Rage to Riches

There are a chaos on the streets downtown! People are running for their life and we at understands why! The danger trio are running wild in the city and they are destroying everything that gets in their way! The city now needs your help to stop these monsters! 

Rage to Riches is a brand new video slot brought to you by Play´n Go! We at was impressed by this game but not surprised over all of the greatness since Play´n Go is the brain behind it. All games that they create includes only the best of the best to make your game experience to something beyond anything you have ever tried before. All games from this amazing provider has razor sharp graphics, sound effects that increases the unique theme of each game and winnings that are so high that even the slot gods are surprised by them! As soon as you enter Rage to Riches, you realise that this video slot is not an exception! 

You will be playing on 5 wheels, 3 rows and as many as 20 active paylines. This high amount of paylines increases the chances for you to catch the monsters and receive all of the winnings that are hidden behind the reels. You will see classical symbols from the traditional deck of cards with a street inspired twist as well as symbols with the monsters on them. You can see the payout for each symbol by clicking on the button in the lower right corner of your game window that says “Paytable”. This horrifying trio has managed to catch a victim. The beautiful blond girl. She is also appearing on one of the symbols and she represents the Scatter symbol in the game. You should always keep your eyes open for her, not just because she is a true babe, but since she will also provide you with an amount of free spins if you land on 3 or more of her symbol. This is the perfect way for you to make a lot of winnings without making a single bet! 

But the monsters is not all bad. They will in their own way help you to receive higher winnings. There is also a bonus round available that will be triggered if you collect a scatter 5 times with ten, jack, queen, king and ace from left to right. In this bonus round you get to pick out one of the monsters that you think looks most dangerous and then you also get to pick a building that you think has a lot of winnings inside. The monster will then destroy the building and collect all of the available winnings for you! 

If you feel that you want to practice a little before you try to handle these monsters, you can do so in our demo mode that you reach while you are logged off from your account. As soon as you feel that you are ready to fight, just log on to your account and click on the image above! We at are convinced that you are going to win this street battle! We believe in you, good luck!