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We would hereby like to welcome you to a fantastic video slot from Genesis Gaming. This game has incredible features that will blow your mind away like no other game. Help the almighty warrior gods of the Norse mythology to stop the end of the world. We are more than happy to have Genesis Gaming as a part of our video slot family as you will understand when you try this game.

The great gods of Valhall was very concerned when the summer never came, it had been winter for almost three years and the world seemed to come to an end as the gods predicted. This weather conditions lead to bad harvests and people were starving. In the middle of this chaos a great war broke out and the world was in total madness. Brothers and allies became enemies, the society collapsed and it seemed like it could not get any worse. But then the great mountains started to collapse, and inside these mountains the giant evil wolf Fenrir was captured. Fenrir spread terror among the people and called for the giant sea snake Jörmungandr who rise from the ocean which caused the ocean to flood the lands. These two beasts had to be defeated.

The only hope left for the world was the almighty warrior gods Thor, Odin and Freyr. Your job in this game is to help them fight the evil ancient monsters and save the world, you will be rewarded greatly. All the three gods needs you in three different battles, these are the special features in this game called Ragnarök. Throughout the game you will collect magical runes, these runes are collected randomly after you spin and you will also collect a rune for any feature triggered. These runes unlock new special features to choose from. First you can only choose Thors battle and if you manage to collect 15 runes you can choose from the first and the second special feature, and if you collect 30 runes you get access to the third special feature as well.

The first special feature is Thors battle against Jörmungandr or “Jor” as he is called in the game. This feature is triggered when you manage to land 3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. When you trigger this bonus you are rewarded with 10 Free Spins with all wins multiplied by 2x. The second special feature is Freyr against the mighty fire lord of the underworld called Surtr. Here you are rewarded with 15 Free Spins where all wins are multiplied with 3x.

The third special feature is Odin against the horrible giant wolf Fenrir. You will be rewarded with 8 Free Spins, but here there is also a feature with runes. These runes will be added to the reels and if you land a rune on any reel you will get to choose 1 of 3 runes, this rune can be a credit reward or a game symbol. This amazing game also has the beloved wild symbol that replaces all other symbols if needed to form a winning combination, except for the scatter symbol. The wild symbol will make you rich in no time.

It’s time for you to enter the battle and help the gods. Just click on the picture above this text and you will be taken to the battlefield in seconds. We on wishes you all the best of luck!