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Rainbow Ryan Introduction

Rainbow Ryan is a so-called leprechaun, which in folklores is a sort of a dwarf. Usually, this Irish little leprechaun is an older man in green clothes, he is slightly bigger than a child always up to mischiefs. These leprechauns are said to be very wealthy and having big treasures hidden away, usually guarded by a big, evil dwarf dog. In the Irish folklore, it is said that the leprechaun is a loner living on making and repairing shoes, also called a shoemaker. It is also said that he has the ability to hypnotise or skilfully lure and mess with others, either to escape followers or simply just to prank them for the good fun of it. 

It is also said that the leprechauns awake on St. Patricks Day on March 17th. You might also have noted that he is standing with a big stick in his hand. The big stick is called a Shillelagh and it is used to scare people trying to steal his gold. According to the folklore, he is guarding a golden treasure chest at the end of every rainbow. 

In Rainbow Ryan Video Slot, you will meet both the leprechaun Ryan and see all his favourites. If you treat him real good, you might even get to see his treasure at the end of the rainbow. Come with and we will find out!

We proudly present; Rainbow Ryan Video Slot from Yggdrasil Gaming!

Rainbow Ryan Features

Unlike other Video Slots inspired by leprechauns and Ireland, you will find Rainbow Ryan on a rock scene. Rainbow Ryan is actually a rock star that will show you some groovy leprechaun rock music. On the reels, the lower valued symbols are a purple clover, an orange diamond, a pink-red heart, and a green spade. Somewhat higher wins come from the pint of beer, the microphone, and the boots. The leprechaun hat filled with golden coins are the higher valued symbols. During the base game, Rainbow Ryan can randomly appear on reels 2-6 and then the reels will then land the same symbols and increase your chances of landing a combination. It is also said in the Irish folklore that leprechauns hide away treasures and so even in Rainbow Ryan Video Slot. We are just about to take a look at what exactly.

Rainbow Ryan Free Spins and Bonuses

If you land on 3 or more of the Free Spins Symbols, you will trigger the Feature. Your won Free Spins will be played with the same settings that you chose to bet with in the winning spin. Below, you can see a list of how many Free Spins you can win:

6 Free Spins symbols awards you 12 Free Spins

5 Free Spins symbols awards you 10 Free Spins

4 Free Spins symbols awards you 9 Free Spins

3 Free Spins symbols awards you 8 Free Spins

The Rainbow Reel Feature will always be triggered in the Free Spins Feature if at least two rolls are synchronised in each Free Spin. The number of synchronised reels can increase but never decrease. If you manage to get all reels synchronised by Rainbow Ryan’s electric guitar, you have the chance of hitting a real big win!

Rainbow Ryan Payout

Rainbow Ryan comes with 5 reels over 3 rows and astounding 4096 ways-to-win. The winning combinations are confirmed from left to right. Underneath the reels, you can find the smoothly designed control panel – and on this, you can adjust the coin value if you wish to play with the Autoplay. 

Rainbow Ryan Graphics and Music

Woohoo, Rainbow Ryan will grant you the chance of seeing a show like you never saw before. He will be playing the strings of his electric guitar in a way like no other. In the beat with his rocky melodies, he will dance and smile for your entertainment. His smile is a bit crooked, somewhat quirky, which makes it hard to see if he is there to help us on the way, or if he is up to some mischiefs and pranks. One thing that is certain is that Yggdrasil Gaming has brought us a fantastic Video Slot with a well-known and loved theme, in a whole new version – and we love it!

Rainbow Ryan Video Slot comes with sharp and clear graphics, a stylish and simple control panel, as well as established and greatly executed animations and symbols.

Rainbow Ryan Conclusion

Rainbow Ryan will grant you a fun show in this Video Slot, playing tunes like you never heard before, with groovy music, happy atmosphere, and a lot of rock for you to enjoy – as mentioned before. This is a unique game from Yggdrasil, and they have given it their all, to say the least. To demonstrate their design and graphics skills, they made sure to offer full 3D graphics all throughout the gameplay, which makes the entity of it even greater and more enjoyable. 

Keep a lookout for the hats filled with Free Spins and treasures – and be aware of mischiefs!

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