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Scratchy Big Introduction

Scratch at the four-leaf clovers in Scratchy Big from none other than Hacksaw Gaming, the virtual scratch card game experts. Scratchy Big is a match three gameplay where you’ll win a prize for when you reveal three identical symbols on the scratch board. Scratchy Big has a lucky theme that’s represented by four-leaf clovers with an icy lime green colour scheme. 

Part of the thrill of this virtual scratch card game is that you need to patiently wait to see what results are hidden under these four-leaf clovers, and we are sure that you’ll be crossing your fingers as you do so! However, there is an option which allows you to skip over the wait to get to the results immediately. 

Scratchy Big Game Features

To start playing Scratchy Big, you simply need to buy the scratch card for the set bet amount that’s shown at the bottom left-hand corner of the scratch card. On the scratch card, you will see 12 four-leaf clovers which means that there are also 12 numbers on the card. Once you have your card, you will get a virtual square coin that you will use in order to scratch the foil off the card. 

You can choose to either scratch off the foil bit by bit to reveal one number at a time or you can select the ‘scratch all’ button if you are too impatient to reveal all of the numbers. This option will reveal all 12 numbers automatically at the same time. 

Each number on the card is equivalent to a cash prize, and if you reveal three matching numbers then the winning number will be your prize which will be highlighted with a light green scribble. 

Scratchy Big Free Spins and bonuses

You won’t find a free spins bonus hanging around in Scratchy Big, but you will have the experience of a lifetime in this virtual scratch card game. 

Scratchy Big Payouts

In Scratchy Big, prizes are awarded whenever you scratch off three matching symbols. There are ten different prizes available in Scratchy Big, as follows.

  • 0.5x your bet 
  • 1x your bet 
  • 3.3x your bet 
  • 16.6x your bet 
  • 33.3x your bet 
  • 50x your bet 
  • 66.6x your bet 
  • 250x your bet 
  • 2,500x your bet 
  • 25,000 your bet

Scratchy Big Graphics and Sound

Scratchy Big is bright and visually attractive with a vivid, neon green colour scheme going on matched with a crisp and simple design. When the game loads, you will be presented with a portrait view of the bright green card, with the title in a fun font at the top of the scratch card. Below the four-leaf clovers, you will see simple instructions on how to play this game and the bet amount that is needed in order to play this game which can be found at the bottom left-hand corner. 

When you scratch the card, you’ll be able to hear and see the foil falling off bit by bit, which gives the experience a real-life effect to it. This game was designed to be user-friendly for everyone and anyone while also being visually appealing. 

Next to the ‘Buy’ button, you will also find an Autoplay option which allows you buy multiple cards to play a number of successive rounds without having to click ‘Buy’ after each card you buy. You can play between 10 and 1,000 rounds and you also have the option to set a loss limit and a single win limit too. If you’re playing in Autoplay mode, each card will be automatically scratched for you, so all you have to do is sit back and wait for the results to be revealed! You can also access more information about the game as well as the paytable from the game panel underneath the card. 

Scratchy Big Conclusion

So, there it is, Scratchy Big another enjoyable scratch card game from Hacksaw Gaming featuring a green game card and four-leaf clovers covering the numbered prizes below. All you have to do in this game is reveal three matching symbols on the card and then you will be awarded with the value that’s revealed! If you think you are ready to scratch off these green four-leaf clovers, give Scratchy Big a chance at Videoslots today. 

Gambling is a form of adult entertainment only. You must be over 18 to play. Play responsibly.

About the Provider

Hacksaw Gaming is an innovative, privately held games provider that was founded in 2017. Hacksaw Gaming has always been established with a large focus on rethinking classic products by using technology and design, keeping the end user in mind during the entire process.  

When creating and building the products at Hacksaw Gaming, they focus primarily on a mobile-first approach meaning that they design from the smallest screen and work their way up from there! In addition, with their data insights, knowledge and creative thinking, Hacksaw Gaming helps their clients to retain their old customer base while also finding new ones all at the same time. 

The Hacksaw Gaming team is a close-knit team full of experienced game designers, developers along with entrepreneurs. The headquarters and operations are in St. Julians, Malta while their technology development team is conducted in Sweden. 

We are excited to see what is to come in the near and far future from Hacksaw Gaming and will be proud to feature their top-notch creations here at Videoslots. 

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