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Play Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker online: Check out our review below

When it comes to Texas Holdém, most people know it and about it. It is, and has always been, one of the most popular and well-known online poker games in the world – and it is played often in live casinos too. but his time, the player favourite has turned into something quite out of the ordinary. Felt LTD has brought us the online poker game, Texas Holdém Bonus Poker, that offers a unique Progressive Jackpot! Let us find out more about this now. 

Felt LTD is, as mentioned, one of the world´s most exclusive, dedicated, and leading providers of online table games in most genres. The main focus at Felt, is to create authentic and realistic looking games that can take players on a gaming experience like no other – an experience similar to the one when playing in a real-life land-based casino. These qualities mixed with intuitive interfaces, while using only high-tech and cutting-edge technology makes their games stand out in the crowd with games that can entertain for hours ends.

Felt creates a connection between the real casinos, and a modern, and straight forward design of games. They are all made to look as real as possible, with high-end graphics and sound effects. And what might be one of the best things – Felt games are available for play via desktop, tablet, and mobile – also in both single and multi-player formats, meaning you can play these games with others. 

If this sounds thrilling to you – then you should check out some of their other games. You have Caribbean Stud6in1 BlackjackBuster BlackjackDouble Ball Roulette, among others. 

But this time, we will get to how and why you will love Texas Holdém Bonus Poker just a little bit extra than the rest of the Holdém versions! 

What is Texas Holdém Bonus Poker?

Texas Holdém Bonus Poker is an online poker game where you play against the dealer, to reach the goal of beating his hand with your best five card hand. This hand made up from two hole cards, and the five community cards. The hole cards are the ones dealt to you, and the community cards are the five cards placed in the middle of the table. But this game works a bit different compared to the rest, with a chance of two optional side bets, one of whom could grant you a huge Jackpot! We will reveal more about this soon. 

How does it work?

So, as mentioned the goal of this poker game is to beat the dealer with your best five card hand – but how do you get there? It is not as hard as it might seem, but we will give you all the juicy details right here. 

The game grants you the possibility of three options during the game – to raise (increase your bet), to check (neither bet or fold, basically just stay in the game), and fold (give your hand up when not good enough.) You can see your two cards hand immediately, meaning that you can decide before any bets made if you think your hand is strong enough to win, or weak enough to fold, this compared to the dealers´ hand. 

Apart from these, you can also lay two optional Side Bets that you can play with alongside the game itself. These are the Bonus Bet and the Jackpot Bet – but we will get more into these shortly. 

How to play

The first thing to do is, as always, to set your Ante Bet and this is a bet that has to be made to be able to start the game. When this bet has been placed, the Bonus Bet and the Jackpot Bet circles will be highlighted, and you rare given the option to place these bets too. they are both completely optional, according to your wish. 

When you are satisfied with your bets, you press Deal to start the game. Now the cards will be dealt, and you will at first get two hole cards that are both placed on the table faced up. The dealer will also get two hole cards, but his will be dealt faced down. Above these, another five community cards are dealt and placed faced down in the middle of the table. 

Now, you need to beat the dealer with your five card poker hand, made up from your two hole cards and three or four of the community cards. 

In the second step, the flop (the x2 Ante Bet, you are asked to bet or fold to see the three flop cards. (The flop is the first three cards of the community cards.) 

If you choose to bet, the flop cards are turned faced up and you can start to see what combination you might end up with. This is where you evaluate the strength of your five card hand. Then you are asked to Check or to Bet more, this to see the fourth community card which is called the TURN card. To be eligible to make a bet for this, you need to make a bet as big as the Ante Bet – and this takes you to the final and last stage. When the last bet has been made, you are at the River stage and this is when the fifth and last card is revealed.  

Texas Holdém Bonus Poker jackpot and payouts

The most unique part of Texas Holdém Bonus Poker is the Progressive Jackpot of the game, and it is a Jackpot that varies. You can always see the current Jackpot prize to the left on the table and this is based on the rank of your five cards, compromised with your two hole cards and the three community cards in the flop on the table. 

These are the payouts for the Jackpot Bet;

Royal Flush; grants you the Jackpot! Must be won with your two hole cards and three flop cards – in a Royal Flush hand. 

Straight Flush; €2500 of the Progressive Jackpot total 

Four-of-a-kind; €250 

Full House; €100 

These are the top paying hands overall, but when placing the Progressive Jackpot Bet – you have the chance of this staggering win! 

The Bonus Bet is a bet based solely and exclusively on your two hole cards, and the stakes and wins from this bet are also rewarding. 

Here are the top hands;

Ace-Ace Dealer and Player; 1000-1 (meaning when your two hole cards are both Aces and the dealer has the same.) 

Ace-Ace; 30-1

Ace-King Suited; 25-1 (when two hole cards are of an Ace and a King, both in same suit.) 

These are the top paying hands of the Bonus Bet.

It is fairly simple – if you after the River find yourself with a stronger hand than the player, then the win is yours. This is where you want to get, beat the dealer to get the price. 

If you wish to learn and read more about how this game works, then you can simply press the “Help” button, where all information is stated. 

We wish you good luck – enjoy!