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Can you feel how the water is spreading to every part of the ship, people are screaming from fear and plates are falling into hundred pieces. Titanic has hit the iceberg in her maiden voyage. When you hear the name Titanic, what comes to your mind first? For me it is automatically Jack and Rose; two young adults who are from totally different worlds and they fall in love in this ‘’Ship of Dreams’’ like people used to call Titanic.  

When you enter the game, the time machine takes you back to this luxury ship. You can hear the greatest soundtracks from the movie and see familiar faces on symbols, like the lovely young couple Jack and Rose, just the way they were in original movie. You will also get to meet Rose’s ex fiancé Caledon who you might remember as a bad guy in the movie, Rose’s widowed mother Ruth DeWitt Bukater who was always against Jack, Jack’s best friend Fabrizio De Rossi from Italy and an Irish third-class passenger Thomas ‘’Tommy’’ Ryan. If you have seen Titanic, you might remember what divers went to search from the wreck, 84 years after Titanic sank? ‘’Heart of the Ocean’’. That was the diamond Rose wear when Jack created a drawing of her and it is this game’s Wild symbol. 

In this incredible game you have a chance to decide in which class you play, depending on your bet amount. You can choose to play with 3rd class ticket like Jack did and you will get 25 paylines to play and all bonus features. With 2nd class ticket you can also win Mini and Maxi Jackpots and with the 1st class ticket which Rose had, you can win Top Jackpots. In a base game, when you see Jack and Rose dancing through the screen, the Mystery Double Wilds feature triggers and you will get 2 Wild symbols on the play field. You might also trigger the Mystery Wild Reels feature at the start of each base game spins when the reels are still spinning. If that happens, 2 wild reels will be awarded. Those 2 reels are held in their places until the reels stop spinning and every winning combinations are counted. In those reels where the Wheel feature was not awarded, might start the Mystery Jackpot feature at the end of the spin but this is only available on 2nd and 1st class. In this feature you can pick between 3 handsome Jack icons or 3 beautiful Rose icons and get a chance to win a credit value, Mini Jackpot or Maxi Jackpot. Also Mystery Drawing feature can trigger on those reels where Wheel feature was not awarded. In this feature you will see the most romantic scene from the movie where Jack is drawing a portrait of Rose. You need to pick a grid from 10 tiles and continue it until 3 same drawings have been revealed. The final feature in this game is Wheel feature where you get to spin the wheel which is Engine Order Telegraph of the Ocean, straight from Titanic. You spin the wheel and you can win credits and also one of 4 features. Start the play and you will find out more about them! 

Set your romantic mood on, bring up your tissues and join to this amazing love story of Jack and Rose!