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Play Triple Pocket Holdem Poker online: Check out our review below

Welcome to this innovative and exclusive casino game, Triple Pocket Hold´em Poker! If you like to play poker, and also enjoy casino games, you have found the perfect game.

Triple Pocket Hold´em was invented by one of the smartest people in the world, Andreas Hurtig, who has the third highest IQ ever measured in the world! The mathematic calculations in Triple Pocket Hold´em are right on the edge for the casino. Poker players with normal calculation skills have a great chance to beat the bank! Are you one of those? Which cards should you hold in the first deal, when should you wait until the third set of cards? Make sure you choose wisely and you can get rich!

The rules in Triple Pocket Hold´em are simple. You are playing Hold´em against the house. When the play starts the dealer will have two starting hands against your one starting hand.

You are dealt a starting hand of two cards. If you wish to discard those cards, they will be given to the dealer as his first hand. If you discard the second set of cards, he will play with those as well. You will then be forced to play with the third set of cards. Flop, turn, river, and the best hand win.

If you decide to keep the first or the second set of cards, the dealer will be dealt the remaining ones. Choose wisely!

Good luck playing Triple Pocket Hold´em!