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Triple Tigers Introduction

Pragmatic Play is very well known for their Asian-themed games, ranging from action packed 5-reel video slots to the smaller, tighter 3x3 setups. Such is Triple Tigers, an Asian themed online slot by this experience game provider, who brings us a more minimalistic slot which will not, however, disappoint.

In Asian cultures, Tigers are considered to be the king of all beasts (with the exception of the lion) and they also represent powerful energies. Apart from this, the tiger is linked to Tsai Shen Yeh, or Chinese God of Wealth, who is often shown sitting on a tiger whenever he appears in Asian art pieces. Others consider the tiger to be the protector of the dead, which explains why the tiger is often seen in graves as a protector, ensuring peace for the dead.

Tigers are considered as a yang energy and are also associated with the symbolism of the sun, summer and fire. Ancient Chinese myths talk of five Tigers who control the balance of cosmic forces to prevent chaos from being wreaked onto the universe.

The Tiger’s powerful forces will be aiding you in the search for fortunes with this online slot by Pragmatic, so why not join us in having a good look at this game?

Triple Tigers Game Features

Triple Tigers presents you with a simple layout, with a single payline on which three matching symbols have to fall from left to right to award you a payout.This game is ideal for new players, with a minimum bet amount of € 0.01 and a maximum bet of just € 5 per spin.

Triple Tigers Free Spins and bonuses

Triple Tigers doesn’t come with any Free Spins or special bonus modes: it’s a video slot that comes with just one payline. That said, you don’t only win by landing matching combinations on the reels, but also if you land three different bar symbols of any colour – offering a payout of 10x your bet amount.

Triple Tigers Payouts

The payout table of Triple Tigers can be found on the left-hand side of the screen and indicates the payouts for each of the symbols of this game. Based on the maximum bet amount of € 5, a combination of three BAR symbols in any colour will earn you € 50 – 10x your bet amount – and we’re still at the bottom of the rung. Three red BAR symbols earn you € 100, the yellow BAR awards you € 150, and the green BAR at € 250. 

Then, the golden tiger paws award you € 400, while the Red 8 symbol pays a maximum of € 500. Then come the heavyweight symbols – the Green Tiger with a whopping € 1,000, the Purple Tiger awards you € 1,500 and the Golden Tiger at the very top earns you € 2,500. Not bad for a maximum wager of just € 5!

Triple Tigers Graphics and Sound

Triple Tigers is set against a dark red background with red reels that would best capture an Asian theme – it looks a lot like a Chinese restaurant in fact! Golden characters illustrate the words “Triple Tigers” and “Pays”, and the reels, you guessed, are also framed in gold. The symbols in this game are a bit retro, with the use of BAR symbols in oriental styling, and a relatively large size compared to more modern standards.

The control panel is at the bottom of the screen and you can set the bet amount, autoplay, and access the paytable – although the paytable is also found on the main screen, to the left, so you don’t need to go into all the submenus to look at the potential prizes on offer.

Triple Tigers Conclusion

Triple Tigers might not have a million bonus features, a truckload of paylines or a ton of animations: it’s a simple video slot with  the possibility to win a maximum prize of 500x your bet per line. May the Tiger bring you luck! 

About the Provider

Pragmatic Play – one of the greatest and fastest-growing provider of both online and mobile games for all devices you can think of. With games to prove this, they are certainly one of the rising stars to keep an extra lookout for. 

The main focus and goal with Pragmatic are to keep players entertained, satisfied, and constantly looking for more. They have a way of reeling players in by creating and developing products that can suit all kinds of players, all liking, and most rewarding. This is the way they have risen – amongst others. Gamers constantly seek for thrills, with action and high stakes. Pragmatic is aware of this and customizes their creations after it to create the most fulfilling product they can for the players. 

Everything provided by Pragmatic is developed and made in-house, with content for over 150 verified and great games for both mobile and desktop. The goal of these games is that they will be the mantra of innovation and dedication to help shape the online gaming industry.