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Play What on Earth online: Check out our slot review below

What on Earth is a 5 reel, 9-payline Video Slot that we are are proud present. It comes with a wild symbol, scatter symbol, multiplier and has a maximum jackpot win of £37,500! Is it your turn to win it?

The slot What on earth comes with many features starting with the spectacular graphics used for the reel symbols. As always, you will be blown away by the look and feel of the slot. The theme is that there is a little blue alien looking through the window of its spacecraft, a space ship control panel, a glowing green asteroid, a watermelon planet with purple spotted moons, a purple plum planet, and Orange Sun and a flaming Cherry, all keeping with the theme flawlessly. The "What On Earth" symbol acts as the Wild symbol and replaces two of the symbols on the reels, the little blue alien looking through the window of its spacecraft-symbol and the space ship control panel-symbol. The game also offers three Scatter Symbols, a red space ship, a green UFO, as well as a blue spaceship. What On Earth is also a Bonus Round Slot. Each time you hit 3 Blue Spaceships, 3 Green UFOs or 3, 4 or 5 Red Spaceships scattered on the reels, you trigger the Destination Bonus feature. Additionally, if you find the special Contest Symbol, you will enter the Beam Me Up-Bonus screen which is a very fun extra that can also be very profitable.

Good luck and may the force be with you!