Battle of Slots

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Day 91 - What On Earth

Yes! Today I am playing a brand new Video Slot called What On Earth. It looks colorful and seems to have a lot of extra features and bonus modes. I am also really excited that the next game coming up for Mike is the Video Slot, The Lord Of The Rings! I can´t wait, but this one first.

Ok, game on. I can play all 9 paylines for £0,45 per spin which is great. I bring my £10 and start playing. Wow, this is going to take a while to adjust to. The symbols are pretty hard to separate, I need to check out the paytable first I guess.

I have now identified the wilds and the scatters. The wild is the What On Earth-symbol and it only replaces the two most valuable symbols. Looks like a weird alien and a cockpit? Any other ideas? There are no more than three different scatters (!). A blue space shuttle, a green UFO and red space rocket. Three or more of any of the same scatters will take you to a bonus mode called “Beam me up bonus”. Let´s go for that one!

Doh! I really wanted to play this game for a while, but it turned ice cold on me. I busted my bank roll in a few minutes. Looking at the paytable again and realize that there are two different bonus features to enter. Except for the Beam me up bonus, there is also a bonus called Destination Bonus. I wonder what that is.

I will return to this Videoslot for sure. Revenge! Next time I am looking forward to play the king of Videoslots; The Lord Of The Rings! I have already loaded up the pics…

Summer is almost over. Fall is the perfect time for loads of casino play. But remember to play responsibly.


Day 136 - Max Damage....

Now it is time for me to play the brand new game Max Damage And The Alien Attack, our latest addition which mixes the classical arcade game from the 70´s with a modern Video Slot.

Day 135 - Joker Jester

Now it is time to play a fairly new Video Slot called Joker Jester. It looks colorful and playful, and I am excited to try it. Looks fun!

Day 134 - Mugshot Madness

Now it is time to play yet another one of our latest additions, the Video Slot Mugshot Madness. I have had some flow in my previous sessions, and the bank roll is staying healthy over £200.

Day 133 - Untamed Wolf Pack

With three new games added just the other day, it is quite easy for me to pick the next Game Of The Day. Since I like both Untamed Bengal Tiger and Untamed Giant Panda, I just have to try the new one, Untamed Wolf Pack.

Day 132 - Magic Charms

Finally it is time for some play at again! Nowadays it takes a few minutes for me to find a game which I have not played before. After a few searches I realize that I have not played and reviewed the fairly new Video Slot, Magic Charms. That one it is!

Day 131 - SnakeSlot

We have yet another new game at! Even if we have passed a total of 300 games by far, and I have not played them all yet, it is always fun with new games. The game of the day is the super good looking slot, SnakeSlot!

Day 130 - The Bermuda Mysteries

After a few days of poker focus, I am really longing for a real Video Slot now. My latest Video Slot session went really well, and I am feeling confident this one will too. I take a quick look through our games and realize that I still haven´t tried one our new ones, the Video Slot, The Bermuda Mysteries. That´s the one!

Day 129 - Fire Hawk

These days I am jumping between Casino and Poker when I am enjoying the site. It is really moving towards a complete casino, and I love it! But now it is back to basics. Casino! Today I am playing a new Video Slots called Fire Hawk.

Day 128 - Leagues of Fortune

Today I am trying one of our newly added Video Slots, Leagues of Fortune. Design wise it looks really good, and I see that there are 1024 ways to win. Nice!

Day 127 - Surf Safari

Like I said last week I was missing the 243 paylines when I was playing Genie Wild. So this time I use our cool searches feature where I can search games by different features. I set it to show me all games which pays 243 paylines. Simple!