Battle of Slots

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Day 91 - What On Earth

Yes! Today I am playing a brand new Video Slot called What On Earth. It looks colorful and seems to have a lot of extra features and bonus modes. I am also really excited that the next game coming up for Mike is the Video Slot, The Lord Of The Rings! I can´t wait, but this one first.

Ok, game on. I can play all 9 paylines for £0,45 per spin which is great. I bring my £10 and start playing. Wow, this is going to take a while to adjust to. The symbols are pretty hard to separate, I need to check out the paytable first I guess.

I have now identified the wilds and the scatters. The wild is the What On Earth-symbol and it only replaces the two most valuable symbols. Looks like a weird alien and a cockpit? Any other ideas? There are no more than three different scatters (!). A blue space shuttle, a green UFO and red space rocket. Three or more of any of the same scatters will take you to a bonus mode called “Beam me up bonus”. Let´s go for that one!

Doh! I really wanted to play this game for a while, but it turned ice cold on me. I busted my bank roll in a few minutes. Looking at the paytable again and realize that there are two different bonus features to enter. Except for the Beam me up bonus, there is also a bonus called Destination Bonus. I wonder what that is.

I will return to this Videoslot for sure. Revenge! Next time I am looking forward to play the king of Videoslots; The Lord Of The Rings! I have already loaded up the pics…

Summer is almost over. Fall is the perfect time for loads of casino play. But remember to play responsibly.


Day 116 - Great Griffin

I see that we have a new release of no less than 7 Video Slots! I´ll just pick one from the news feed. Great Griffin looks good, I´ll try that one.

Day 115 - Mega Spins Break Da Bank

Now it is time to play Mega Spins Break The Bank. It is the Video Slot where you play four slots simultaneously. Sounds great, but I fear my bank roll is too small for a game like this. We´ll see.

Day 114 - Alaxe In Zombieland

Alaxe In Zombieland is up next. It is one of our latest Video Slots, and I am going to enter with my enormous bank roll of £5! Might be a short one today. Or comeback of the year?

Day 113 - Medusa

This time I read the text that appears when the game has finished loading. Often, in the new games, the different winning chances are presented, and in this Video Slot, Medusa, they are as well.

Day 112 - Roller Derby

Almost through our new games, and today I pick a Video Slot called Roller Derby. With this game they have taken the design to the next level! It is crisp, it’s new and the game has a better flow. Even the bank roll amount has a better design.

Day 111 - Enchanted Mermaid

Ok, here we go again. I don´t have too much time today and I will play quickly through yet another one of our new Video Slots, Enchanted Mermaid. As the name implies I assume I will run into mysterious mermaids and treasures!

Day 110 - Shaaark Bet

I am really getting into this frequent game play again. Yet another Video Slot, Shaaark Bet, is waiting for my attention. Today I am going for my “low-bet-first-tactics”, hope for some losses, and then raise the bets in order to hit the big wins.

Day 109 - Andre The Giant

After a few hours of play out in the cold it is time for some Video Slots-play instead. Again, I look through our latest releases and I pick a Video Slot called Andre The Giant. Looks as it´s based on the same platform as 300 Shields. Looking good at first glance.

Day 108 - California Gold

Ok, here we go again. In the coming weeks I will be more frequent in Game Of The Day. I feel it is time to go through all the new releases we have had here at Today I am playing a Video Slot called California Gold. Gold. I like it.

Day 107 - 300 Shields

With 11 new games launched I just have to try one of them out. I go through the massive list and decide to play a Video Slot called 300 Shields. Not too surprising since the movie 300 is one of my favorites, and the fact that there are similarities to Gladiator, yet another epic movie!