Battle of Slots

Pulse 8 Studios

Pulse 8 Studios is yet another novice to come into a promising collaboration with iGaming industry giant, Microgaming. The team at Pulse 8 Studios is made up of passionate creators and developers who design attractive and innovative games appealing mostly to the Asian market as it has grown exponentially since the beginning of online gaming. 

Pulse 8 Studios is heavily inspired by a dragon’s pulse which consists of three main characteristics: fearlessness, ferociousness and mystery! These three characteristics are the core motivation at Pulse 8 Studios. 

Game we currently offer from Pulse 8 Studios;

Relic Seekers

Treasures of Lion City

Portfolio and provider vision

Pulse 8 Studios breathes fire just like dragons do which is why their team is filled with progressive game development professionals who create powerful game engines as well as captivating slot games with a strong focus on Asian appeal.

Pulse 8 Studios came into existence for nothing less than greatness, like the spirit of a soaring dragon. With that the core of their business, the well-skilled team works diligently to create world-class games exclusively for their partner, Microgaming. In doing so, they show the online gaming market that they can reach outside of the box creating endless possibilities. 

As you know, dragons are meant to live freely, soaring high in the sky and not kept on a short metal chain. Just like dragons and their powerful independence, Pulse 8 is continuously searching for the next innovative theme and inspiration to create a variety of diverse content.

If you want to read more about Pulse 8 Studios, visit the website here.